Since January, were registered in the Canton of Bern 37 measles cases – significantly more than in previous years. Gundekar gable (58), chief communications officer of the Bernese health and welfare Directorate, in an interview with SonntagsBlick, the most important answers to questions that now many.

37 measles cases have been registered. Bern has a measles problem?
Gundekar gable: , We take the cases very seriously. But it would be wrong to say that the measles are a Bernese is a Problem. In the whole of Europe, there are measles outbreaks. It is a coincidence that it comes now in Bern to a accumulation.

Doctors are obligated to make the Canton of message, if you encounter a patient with measles. A hits such a message, clarifies the Directorate of Health minutely, and with whom the infected Person had contact. It is investigated, at which birthday, in which sports or music club, someone was – or where the affected Person goes to school. Then the corresponding measures are to be taken.

The children, which can be excluded for up to 21 days from school, have one thing in common: they have not been vaccinated against measles. It will not, however, dispensed automatically to all the unvaccinated children in a school building, if a measles case shows up. It must have come in direct contact with infected persons. Because measles can be transmitted by coughing and droplets.

the accident ? Or it has been at Steiner schools, a disproportionately high number of unvaccinated children?
At the Steiner school in Biel, in fact, many cases have occurred. You can’t bring the measles cases but with the type of School. The vaccination of children is the responsibility of the parents, not the school. The Canton does not want to Express, in principle, to individual schools. Only so much: in addition to the school in Biel in Bern is affected. In a further school in the Canton, there were also moments of suspicion, but on Friday invalidated.

dispensed students from?
you must stay home and may not have contact with other people, if they are in the same room, but are not vaccinated.

Everyone responds differently to a measles infection. In the case of eight people, the condition is very serious. Two children and six adults, respectively, were in the hospital. One of the victims has a inflammation of the liver, another a inflammation of the brain. And in the case of a patient suspected pneumonia.

adults dangerous?
Yes, in adults, the complications are even more common. Especially people who can’t protect themselves, or may, for example, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems are at risk. Those who are not inoculated against measles, and brings such people into danger. A single Dose can twice save a life.