McLaren is to withdraw from Sunday’s Formula 1 grandprix in Melbourne.

It happens after an employee has tested positive for the coronavirus. The writing team in a press release.

‘the Team has prepared itself for such a situation and already have support ready for the staff now in quarantine,’ writing team.

Thus there will be only 18 cars in the field in this year’s first Formula 1 weekend, after the plan is still to be settled also with the spectators in the stands.

Also in Haas there was suspicion of corona with four employees, but the team has Thursday announced the B. T.’s Formula 1 correspondent Peter Nygaard, that all the tests are negative.

Both McLaren and Haas employees have been in self-imposed isolation in their hotel rooms, after they showed symptoms of being infected by the covid-19 earlier in the week.

Earlier in the day said world champion Lewis Hamilton, that he was ‘shocked’ that the Formula 1 race still being carried out as planned with the tanks on the spread of coronavirussen all over the world.

“I’m concerned for the people here. It worries me, certainly,” said Lewis Hamilton.

While the Danish Kevin Magnussen, said:

“You are nervous about everything that happens. Not just here, but everywhere in the world – in Italy, in Denmark, and so on. It is quite wild. Everyone here in the paddock think it is weird – more weird than scary. So it’s not because I’m afraid, but you are nervous.”

Now coronavirussen then come quite close to the Formula 1-circus.

There is still no announcement from the Formula 1 organizers, on the situation at McLaren will receive additional consequences in relation to the coming weekend.