Drag in the Wake of the corona of a crisis up to four formula 1 Teams on the plug? McLaren Boss Zak Brown does not consider this is out of the question, if the king class takes no action to reduce the costs for the teams, in this and in the following years. he explained that the formula 1 was currently “in a very fragile state”.

He think it is possible that at least two Teams from the Premier class and say goodbye – perhaps even more so. “I could even imagine that it’s not four Teams, if you did it properly”, he takes the responsible persons in the obligation. With its statements in Brown to consciously build the pressure before an important Meeting of the formula 1 team bosses on Monday.

it is, among other things, to reduce the scheduled for 2021 the budget ceiling once again. Which currently stands at 175 million US dollars, including numerous exceptions. “All [the Teams] is for $ 150 million, and the vast majority – including one of the big Teams – even for significantly less than 150 million,” says Brown.

The McLaren Boss calls for an upper limit of only 100 million dollars. However, it is unlikely that all Teams will be involved. According to Brown, the opinion is divided. “Not 50:50, I would rather say 80:20 to say”, he added: “The reality is that you can survive with 80 percent of the Teams – but not 20 percent.” LAT Zak Brown warns of the severe consequences of the corona crisis

Already, two Teams less of a risk for the formula 1

A ratio of 80:20 would mean if there are ten Teams, only two teams against lowering the upper limit to less than 150 million dollars. The ‘BBC’ reported that it is Ferrari and Red Bull, while world champion Mercedes would accept a further reduction. For the two “pads” Brown has little understanding.

“Some of the Teams provide their own sporting interests over the overall well-being [formula 1] and see that you might be putting the whole Sport in danger. And then we all lose”, said he, and added: “One could almost think that you don’t want a fair fight with Teams that you have not seen before, perhaps as an opponent. Maybe you don’t want a real fight, because you never had one.”

“It’s like a heavy weight boxer wants to fight middle weights”, writes Brown, who reminds us: “the team is the crisis] has [a devastating potential. And if it gets enough Teams – and this must not be more than two, then the formula 1 is very dangerous.” Already a departure from the two Teams would ensure that only 16 cars were at the Start.

Not an unrealistic scenario, because in the course of the last great economic crisis, the same three manufacturers from formula 1, adopted with Honda, Toyota and BMW. At that time, the king class was comparatively soft, because Ross Brawn took over the Honda factory team and BMW sold the team back to Peter Sauber. Brown warns, however, against the assumption that it would run this Time, too.

points of contention: the budget cap and new regulations

“I think the Timing could not be worse for it,” he explains. And also completely new formula-1-Teams will not give it from today to tomorrow. “When you consider how long it takes to make a formula 1 Team is on the legs, especially in the economic […] crisis in which we currently find ourselves in,” from holt, Brown, and declared that a departure of more than one team for the whole formula 1 would be dangerous.

another point of contention is the introduction of the new regulations. This was already postponed from 2021 to 2022, some want to move it now even once again in 2023. Brown belongs to the opponents – for obvious reasons. Because the longer the current rules and regulations is maintained, the longer the current situation will remain in the formula 1 stable.

How serious is the situation at McLaren has been in the past week when the Team sent a part of its workforce in short-time work. “We are a well-established race team, but everyone has limits. And it is no secret that we lose in the formula 1 is a lot of money,” explains Brown, for it was a hard decision. However, he recalled that the shareholders expect profits.

And because you could earn the formula 1 currently, there is no money, it was in the current Situation, “not an Option” to make the losses even bigger. “I don’t have a unlimited check book. Therefore, it was a sensible decision,” says Brown. Currently is open, as long as the corona crisis will drag. The impact could be so or so many years to be felt.

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