The fast-food giants McDonald’s, at least, connect well with sustainability. But the company has big goals. By 2025, the Yanks want to refer to food packaging to 100 percent “from renewable, recycled or certified sources.”

an intermediate step on this path, the company informed today. The new McFlurry-cups at McDonald’s Switzerland, from October without a plastic lid. The fast-food group expects that thanks to the measure, 25 tons of plastic could be saved.

spoon from plastic

Who wants to strictly do away with plastic, but must continue on the Glace without. The spoon remains, namely, for the time being, the old. After all, he will be reduced. Also, in order to reduce the Plastic content. 17 tons per year, will save McDonald’s Switzerland.

plastic saving potential witnesses, McDonald’s and Burger King more in the game, the kids meals come with them. Two British girls have started a Petition. Ella (9) and Caitlin (7) McEwan calling on the companies to refrain entirely from plastic toys. Already over 400’000 people agree with you and the Online have signed the Petition.

McDonald’s promises improvement

In a response, informed McDonald’s in the UK that in the next few months, many Happy-Meals-gifts such as books or Board games are planned. Almost 60 percent would reduce the number of the hard plastic toys in comparison to the first half of 2019. Without the plastic, works but apparently not. (jfr)

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