McDonald's opened its first point of the Dark Kitchen - only food delivery

the fast-food Chain McDonald’s opened in Russia the first point for cooking only for delivery.

the First point of McDonald’s food delivery — Dark Kitchen, the so-called “dark kitchen” — works near the metro station “Yugo-Zapadnaya” in the test mode, reported the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Services food delivery company Delivery Club and “Yandex.Food” – they are working with “dark cuisine” McDonald’s.

This point will be one of the first McDonald’s in the world, said the representative of McDonald’s. Another was opened last year in the UK. The development of such networks depends on the sales results.

Network Burger King is the main competitor of McDonald’s in Russia. But the division of “Burger king Russia” has “dark cuisine” for delivery.

“Even despite the fact that the delivery segment shows strong growth with us, we strive to do our kitchen visible to guests, because we know that for guests it is important to see how to prepare food for them,” said Ivan Shestov, Director of communications, “Burger king Russia”.

But if the kitchen is running online and on delivery, it can slow down customer service. Therefore, McDonald’s opened the point, focused only cooking for delivery.