sales in stores open for at least 13 months, rose worldwide in the first quarter to 5.4 percent, as the U.S. group announced on Tuesday in Chicago.

the Fast-Food world market leader, recorded already in the fifteenth quarter of the year, with an increase of in a row. In the particularly competitive US domestic market, where McDonald’s scored the least with lots of extra Bacon, and the “Donut Sticks”, was a surprisingly strong Sales growth of 4.5 percent.

Overall, the results exceeded analysts ‘ expectations. For investors, this was well received, the share price rose pre-market, first. The sales of McDonald’s fell nearly four percent to 5.0 billion dollars. However, the quick-service restaurant chain here aware of the compromises in buying, as many of the branches are selectively supplied to franchisees.

The profit fell by three percent to 1.3 billion dollars (1.2 billion euros). McDonald’s suffered, however, under the strong Dollar, which reduces foreign revenue, after conversion into U.S. currency. Without this negative exchange rate effect of Income and the turnover would have increased the group according to two percent. (SDA)