Friday it is 50 years since The Beatles went into solution. But the group’s songs are still popular.

On this Friday 50 years ago shocked the Paul McCartney the music world when he announced that he would leave The Beatles.

the music group from Liverpool consisting of McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison had in the course of about ten years and 13 albums changed popular music forever, but now it was over.

the Day after was the news on the front page of british newspapers, and thus had the group’s millions of fans the world over see in the eyes, that it is, as some have called musikhistoriens most famous solution of a band was a reality.

the Musician Paul Weller, who at the time was 11 years old, tells The Guardian that he recalls having seen a headline about Mccartney’s goodbye.

– I could not get it to make sense. I was crushed. The Beatles were my whole universe, he says.

John Lennon, which, along with McCartney had written the bulk of the group’s many hits, reacted according to the newspaper The Independent, more moderate, with a statement that “it was nice to see that he is still alive”.

According to the american music magazine Rolling Stone got Yoko Ono, the great love of John Lennon’s life, far and wide blame for the breach.

The Independent writes that Ono at the time of the breach “had begun to respond on behalf of John Lennon” at the group’s meetings.

The Beatles had been a jumble of egos, insecurity, frustration, hard drug abuse, spiritual confusion, miscommunication, and thinly veiled hostilities, writes the newspaper as one of the reasons that McCartney had had enough.

At the time it was hard to imagine that the group’s music 50 years after would still be popular.

– No one could then have foreseen, that such an already phenomenal holding would be extended into the next century, says Mark Lewisohn, who is in the process of writing a trilogy about The Beatles, told AFP.

– 50 years after the breakup, The Beatles remain the artistic ultimate, he adds.

The Beatles completed in september 1969 album “Abbey Road”, which was the group’s last. And, very appropriately called the last number on the plate “The End”.