the year is 2019. The entire auto industry is in a feeding frenzy the same Trends: Autonomous Driving, connectivity, electromobility. Internal combustion engines without turbo-charging for lower fuel consumption in the test cycle are inconceivable, every wizard is hailed as a giant step for self-Driving, and in the case of new electric models wide beyond the 400 km belong to the realm of it.

Just a supposedly small Japanese car maker resists with their own ideas to the Mainstream – just like the famous Gallic village from the Asterix-Comics. Since the U.S. automaker Ford in 2010 and the largest part of its Mazda shares separated from the line withdrew, and 2015 adopted, is the mark of Success. Last year, Mazda suffered from subdued economic activity in China, sold globally, but nevertheless, on 1.56 million vehicles.

– Optimized gas instead of electricity to each of the price

Crucial: the Skyactiv technology, the Mazda from 2011 onwards, its conventional gasoline and Diesel are lighter, less friction and cleaner combustion made, while the Rest of the car world put on turbo charging. Hybridization? Electrification? We do not need, even has long been the Credo of Mazda. Investments were rather technical optimizations that have immediate effect on fuel consumption and CO2-emissions instead of the unknown visions of the future. And in a sleek design language that has nothing more from the Japanese car-Baroque of the 1970s and ‘ 80s. Recently introduced the new Mazda 3 and CX-30 of the world’s first diesotto engine, combining the performance of a diesel with the cleaner emissions of a petrol engine.

all The more surprising the presentation of the new Mazda MX-30 at the Tokyo motor show: The five-seat SUV Coupé as the first power of the brand in the coming summer in Europe on the market; the first edition will cost 36 990 francs. Technically, it takes some of the just-launched CX-30 – why, then, the abbreviation MX? Designer Youichi Matsuda refers to the Roadster MX-5: The am loved by its owners for over 30 years, hot. He wishes also for the novice.

Typical optics, innovative materials,

Visually, it makes the customers easy: fast-flat roof line, and a floating front hood and narrow headlights. Also typical of Mazda: the both sides of the opening portal doors like the flamboyant athlete, RX-8. Because of the middle B-pillar falls to the victims, the rear row of seats is easier to seize than with conventional doors. “Anyway – I had a hard discussion about it,” says Matsuda. The free-standing center console needed Matsudas Persuasion in Controlling and engineering colleagues: “The MX-30 also in the interior, the technical Innovation of the drive to reflect that.”

Nevertheless, the five-seater parked conceptually quite close to the other Mazda models. “We have thought to design a very futuristic vehicle,” explains Matsuda. “But our customers live in the present. We didn’t want to overwhelm them with an eccentric interior. A car must be understandable.” The ecological approach of the drive continues in the materials: vegan leather made of recycled material as well as cork pads around the selector lever to the direction of travel. “Cork grows quickly, and requires only the bark of a tree, instead of having him cases, such as for wood inserts,” says interior specialist, Xintong Li.

Less weight instead of more coverage

When you drive Mazda considers himself part of the Trend: the Motor and the electronics under the front hood, battery under the floor. But to squeeze instead of some competitors as much battery capacity as possible into the car, it remains with a total of 35.5 kilowatt-hour battery for a maximum range of 200 kilometres. Too little? No, find product Manager Tomiko Takeuchi. The MX-30 is as a second car designed, since this is fully sufficient, given the average Daily mileage of 48 kilometers in Europe. For the small battery to save weight. Instead of 4×4 only front-wheel drive is provided, in addition, 140 HP, must meet the.

to Start the Mazda now, so an electric Offensive? Not yet, although we cooperate on this issue long ago in the Background with Toyota. In the Mazda headquarters in Hiroshima, you think more likely to have a higher positioning of the brand. A significant leap in quality in the interior is already noticeable, and the exterior design is currently in sublime with all doubt. More high-class drives, missing just high. While the competition relies on Three – and four-cylinder should be at Mazda’s new Generation of in-line six – cylinder engines in gasoline and Diesel. Rear-wheel drive à la BMW or Mercedes, and fitting large models to play a role in this. A Wankel engine as a Range-Extender for the MX-30 also seems to be still in the Pipeline. The Gallic village that the world stays on course.