Karel Gott (80) has leukemia. The posted of the Czech pop star on Thursday on his Facebook page. He had decided to take this step because he wanted to avoid speculation. The Czech daily newspaper “Blesk” have asked him a specific question about his state of health.

God says: “I don’t want to bother you guys with my problems. I am none, of the about his private life, especially his health, to the public itself speaks, and in this way, pity would like to leave.” He says: “I am glad that I can be at home in the circles of my family,” says the singer of catchy tunes such as “Maya the bee”, “Lady Carneval” and “around the world”.

Karel God has already defeated the cancer

He was being treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital. For the studies go to the hospital, where Doctors monitored his overall health status.

in 2015, he’s already fought once against a severe cancer disease successfully. He defeated the lymphatic cancer. The musician is married to Ivana Gottová (42). With her he has two children, 13-year-old Charlotte, and the eleven-year-old Sofie. The Entertainer biography working on a car. This should appear in the spring of next year. (paf)