Maya hawke/Tom Sturridge

the 22-year-old rising star Maya hawke has provoked rumors about the affair with 34-year-old British actor Tom Sturridge. Yesterday, the daughter of uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke was spotted with ex-boyfriend Sienna Miller on the road with the beach in the Hamptons. The young people spent the day on the coast and caught the eye of reporters is on the way home. Maya, dressed in a white bikini and a light dress, carrying a shoulder bag for the beach, and Tom was walking next to a mini fridge in one hand and mobile phone in the other.

Maya hawke

Tom Sturridge

Yesterday, the pair first came to the lenses of the paparazzi, and when they started the affair while we can only guess. We only know that in recent months, the star of the show “Very strange things” and actor, known for the movie “Rock wave”, held in new York. Sturridge was busy there in the theater with my friend and colleague Jake Gyllenhaal, and Maya spent her quarantine at the home of his mother uma Thurman.

I felt like the last three years of my life was a dream and now again I got small. I moved out from my parents and tried to be independent, but came coronavirus and said, “It’s just a joke! You’re still a kid and living back at home with parents,”

— recently told Maya in conversation with the edition of Nylon.

Uma Thurman with daughter Maya

By the way, about the personal life of aspiring actress and singer up to this point nothing was known. In the press mostly wrote only about her filming of the movie by Quentin Tarantino “Once… in Hollywood” and the release of her new singles and videos. The same from 2011 to 2015 was in a relationship with actress Sienna Miller, with whom he has eight-year-old daughter Marlowe. After leaving Sienna and Tom have maintained a very warm relationship: they spend a lot of time with his daughter, and even go together with the vacation.

It’s great that our daughter has both parents who love each other and are friends,

he told Sienna about the relationship with Sturridge in an interview.

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge