This Committee of the British Tories is responsible to organize the election of the party leaders. May had been asked to create next Wednesday in front of the panel clear about their plans for the future, said Brady.

The head of government is since the last parliamentary elections in the summer of 2017 as the count. Mays Conservative lost in the hastily arranged election its majority in the lower house.

Hastily along he was building the head of government then a minority government is using the Northern Irish-Protestant DUP (Democratic Unionist Party). However, this proved to be fatal for their efforts, a majority in Parliament for the Brussels agreement negotiated over the planned to exit the EU to get the UK. Three Times May, has failed so far.

The deadline for the Brexit is now up to 31. October extended. May has already announced its intention to assign, if the Deal is approved by Parliament, but does not mention a date.

To Go forced the head of government can hardly be. According to Tory party rules, only once in twelve months, a confidence vote can be held. A corresponding attempt failed in December of last year.

could be Accelerated, in the view of observers may’s retreat a rout in the election to the EU Parliament on the 23. In may, the UK despite the planned exit must participate. The Conservatives are behind in the opinion polls. Potential candidates for may’s successor, among them several members of the Cabinet, run already hot.