10. February has become Sandra Studer 50. In the Interview, the TV speaks to woman on the SRF-dance show “Shall we dance?” (9. March), of their future, eternal youth and the perfect Sunday with the family.

Sandra Studer: It goes very well without me. I have temporarily made a little television, and there were and are women that can do the same. Pride so I’m not, but sometimes I am amazed that I can do this Job after so many years still. I’m grateful for that.

I was in the mountains with the whole family, clan and three generations. The hard core has celebrated with me in the Monday morning to six o’clock in the morning. That’s family! And that was the best gift of all. Music there was of Earth, Wind & Fire to Justin Timberlake DJs were my children, nieces and nephews.

I wouldn’t have believed it, but there is also no longer thought about it. I have never looked big in the future, but my career very strong.

no, life is designed in such a way that the youth belongs at the beginning and at some point is over. And with the youth, I do not connect just Beautiful. This also includes uncertainty, Complex and complicated super-sensitiveness to belong to me. Take it back I would look, but immediately the energy and the fact that after partying all night long in the mirror, and fresh as a rose petal look.

the Ui, you can dig as deep wounds … (laughs).

I admire the candidate, the New and the Unusual are embarking on something totally. It is important for me, a little bit of notice of what’s occurring tire on the way to the stage to happen. I visit therefore, the couples in Training, and get a lot of high-altitude flights, frustrations, happiness, outbursts, Doubts, and success with experiences.

We remain of the last year’s concept of loyalty. I think I recognise that the participants have adjusted more to the fact that this dancing is over months no walk in the Park. All are extremely focused and train very hard. That the Format matters is that the basic idea is just to be positive. And that it is on the way, “mänschelet” and it’s not just Sweat, and sometimes tears. If, finally, someone beyond themselves, Susanne Kunz, grows like last year, the best entertainment is.

no, no, I’ll smuggle me during Training sometimes, a little bit in the pairs, because I love to dance but also love to. But this is just Fun. I’ll stay on the microphone.

Sandra Studer grew up as the daughter of a Swiss father and a Spanish woman, zollikerberg, ZH, and studied German and music science at the University of Zurich. Under the name of Sandra Simo, she represented Switzerland in 1991 at the ESC and was ranked # 5. With shows like “Takito” or “dream goal” was one of the most popular TV presenters in the country. This March you leads for the third Time by the SRF-dance show “Shall we dance?”. The mother of four also occurs regularly with Musical programs.

My children have no TV duty, if mommy is on the screen. Sometimes they look, sometimes. Last year, she found it funny, because of this competitive factor is there and you have me interest in music and Dance. Maybe you are also times in the Studio.

you can’t tell me directly what you like. Or you make fun of me, if you find something embarrassing. But my work is not really the main topic in our home.

potential ?
My children are free and unencumbered to find their talents and paths. I tried to open a door for them to the music and to Dance, because this is important to me, but without ambition. My husband has done the same thing with the Sport. But what the children do for a living, is your own thing. Up to now, I see the footsteps of anyone in my foot. But I didn’t know that at this age, what will become of me.

you mean my Retirement? Yes, I have threatened with my favourite theatre Director Dominik Flaschka, that I would like to play in his pieces, all the old quirks, grandmothers and witches.

no, not at all. I’m doing this for my health’s sake and need a whip and drive. I am, by nature, sporty, pretty lazy. As a teacher I would be a disaster.

When it comes, will sleep in. Then there is a Brunch and everyone’s buzzing a little in his direction. “Ufzgi”, friends, Häslistall mucking out, sports, exams etc. The children have a lot of own program. In the evening we cook together, which is almost sacred.

no, I didn’t. But I put me on moderation cards with my notes the night before the show on my night table. In the hope that some of it transcends the sleep in my head (laughs).