To this development, the authorities were prepared in advance. As he wrote, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the capital was prudently strapped 5,000 police officers, including from other regions. According to estimates portal that led a detailed report from the event, took to the streets not less than a thousand people. In social networks and on YouTube also, there are numerous videos of the detention of protesters.

at First they were going to 15:30 on “hygienic protest” near the square of Rosa Luxemburg, which the guards (most non – local, out of the land of North Rhine – Westphalia, judging by the stripes on the form) surrounded the perimeter, and then began to strip.

towards evening the procession moved to the Kreuzberg district, where he was declared “revolutionary may day demonstration”.

a Few of the participants wore a mask, not to mention the established authorities, “social distance” in half a meter. Some citizens stood in the pickets, like the girl with the crown on his head and a poster “masks – no.” The guy in the black Balaclava sprayed from the balcony of the pink smoke against the blue of the cloth with the symbols of the EU, transformed in barbed wire – an allusion to the closed borders. Other spread on the earth mats, immersed in silent meditation with a small volume of the Basic law in his hands. Others walked around Gorlitzer, and the fourth was engaged in a dispute with the police.

the Last act on the situation: somewhere asked people not to make a mess and then firmly pushed them off the streets. The main place of detention, in addition to the square of Rosa Luxemburg, became Oranienstrasse and Marienstrasse. On one of the videos in the detention order, leading members of the protests, flying bales of leaflets under the loud chants of “Get out!”. Somewhere bursting smoke bombs. Here a demonstrator lies on the ground face down, the police here in medical masks dragged by the arms and legs of a young man such scenes too much. The last time Berlin police detained for identification more than one hundred, in her opinion, the instigators of the riots. New statistics are not yet available.

meanwhile, Saturday, may 2, anticarcinogen supporters of the movement “in support of civil liberties,” announced the next meeting of “the Rose.”