As the only member of the government, Alain Berset will come to a celebration of may day-the lectern, and in Solothurn. Because in the Federal capital, Bern, the 1 is. May is not a holiday. The Federal Council holds, as usual, to his weekly session.

Public performances of other members of the government 1. May not be planned, therefore, it was said in the Departments on request. In addition to Berset Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, however, foreign plans for Wednesday: you will visit Freiburg, a day-care centre.

the country are planned far, according to the Swiss Federation of trade unions (SGB) more than 50 events, rallies, and demonstrations for labor day. The Central theme is the requirement to align the pointer, the SGB writes on his website. “More to life”, is the Motto.

It was time for more pay, more pension, more pay justice, more equality, more bonuses, subsidies, and more protection of Wages and for more time for the people themselves, the SGB to the Motto. The topic of the woman’s strike is on 14. June; in several locations, co-organizer to be speak inside public.

representatives of trade unions and left parties are planning performances. Pierre-Yves Maillard, of new SGB-President, is expected in Olten and in morals. Its predecessor, the SP-councillor Paul Rechsteiner, holds talks in St. Gallen, Rorschach, SG, and Walenstadt SG.

SP-President Christian Levrat will keep you in Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland, a celebration of may day speech. Green-President Regula Rytz plant in Thun and Bern ever made an appearance. Council President Marina Carobbio (SP/TI) finally, at the may day celebrations in Baden AG.

At the may day celebrations in Zurich, SP-national councillor Barbara Gysi (SG) is the keynote speaker, the President of the staff Association of the Federal government. In the morning, moving with a closing rally on the sechseläutenplatz will be held in Zurich. In the afternoon the Feast then climbs on Zurich’s barracks with a political and cultural program.