Nino Ninidze and Maxim Vitorgan

Today, Nino Ninidze was 29 years old. One of the first rushed to congratulate beloved 47-year-old Maxim Vitorgan. He posted her picture on Twitter, writing tender words in Russian and Georgian languages.

N Beautiful — as if invented just for you. N — soft. You have the talent to be real. You’re doomed like. Seeing you pleasure. Touch — reward. You were sent to Earth to long to explain to people what a real woman. And real space (the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. edition)

— written by the actor.

he Also added the phrase in Georgian, which translates as “happy birthday, baby.” Nino Ninidze in the comments wrote: “Beloved”.

Apparently, the rumors of a rift in the pair were only rumors. A month ago, the actress posted an ad about finding a new apartment in which to live with his son Alexander from ex-wife of Kirill Pletnev. From this fans have concluded that they Vitorgan decided to disperse, but it was not.

About the novel actors became known last summer. The first couple preferred to hide their relationship, and after a while began to appear together at social events. After a few months after the beginning of the novel they met each other’s kids (son Maxim from Plato Ksenia Sobchak, Daniel, and Pauline’s daughter from the first wife). The actor even invited Ninidze together with the family on a trip abroad.