Maxim Galkin with his son Harry and daughter Lisa

Yesterday, the 44-year-old Maxim Galkin pleased subscribers another video from the family archive involving 71-year-old wife Alla Pugacheva and six-year-old twins Lisa and Harry. The video was filmed on a day when the wife and kids and also the elder brother of the humorist Dmitry together with his family decided to make Galkin surprise. Dmitry together with his wife and children came to visit in the country house of Maxim and Alla in the village of Mud, while the showman was not at home.

waiting for the master of the house the company had built a fire and waited impatiently for his return from a business trip. Just at this moment the daughter of the comedian, Lisa began to video footage from the event, and then the operator took herself a Diva.

Return. Over the past three months for the first time was away for work for three days from Moscow. Here as expected the family arrived my brother and his wife and children and gave me all along surprise

— signed movie Maxim.

Lisa Galkin, Harry Galkin

Dmitry Galkin

Maxim Galkin came home when it was dusk. Alla Pugacheva with the children, the brother of comedian Dmitry and his family hid in the backyard of the house and met Maxim song:

came To us, we were visited by our Maksyusha dear!Galkin was sincerely glad surprise, first kissed wife and children, and then began to admire the bonfire, which the family had kindled in the hearth on the terrace of their family castle.

Dmitry Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children

the review members noted that Maxim Galkin was very lucky with their families, who so anxiously waiting for him from a business trip, and admired in their family is very warm and friendly atmosphere. Many fans also liked the funny voiceovers daughter of entertainer and Diva, and they are asked often to give Lisa a camera.

Alla Pugacheva