Lewis Hamilton dominated the Formula 1 for a number of years in the unseen way, with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, there are two little dogs that like nothing better than to take him from his throne. According to Briatore has a particular Stumbling in Hamilton to dethrone the.

finally, We need to have some patience in order to see whether or not the competition is successful, it is in order to get closer to Mercedes, and to come. It is yet to be seen whether the challengers at the Red Bull, the six-fold world champion, it is difficult to make, or are we once again headed out for a sixth world title in a row for the brand?

for example, If we have a Few Seconds to believe it will be, especially with Max Verstappen who is the life of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes will be difficult to make, because it’s been too long ago that Hamilton was really a challenge. In the podcast on the official web-site of the Formula 1, And Beyond The Grid,’ he sets the loftrompet on the board.

“Verstappen is a great driver. The way in which it is travelling, and catching up is good, he is a true hero,” said Briatore. “It’s the same for everyone. If a person is short in the grand prix, Schumacher came to, he creates, sometimes, the errors and also be on His was to be the case. Every one of us makes mistakes.”

“If Hamilton is always going to be the finish line you can drive like a taxi driver, and all of the races to win, he is a great rider. And that’s great. Hamilton is one of the two of the biggest stars in Formula 1, and the other is Max Verstappen. It is all about the two of them.”

“there are people out There who are complaining about the Stumbling, but in my opinion, he is the perfect rider to watch. You also have to have the riders needed, some-more aggressive.”

Briatore was in 1994, father Jos Verstappen in his care in the Sale, but he leaves no doubt that Max is a better driver than his father.

“He’s without doubt better than the Jos, they might have to have the same last name, but their driving styles are very different.”

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