Max Barsky will present in Moscow the new program and the premiere of the song

Today in the “Megasport” will premiere my new song “Dwo”. I always wanted to create a dance hit in the Ukrainian language and, it seems, “Do” – this track – said Max Barskih his fans.

This is the third novelty from the artist born in Kherson and living in Kiev, which is recorded for his next album “1990”. The other two – “the Sky pours down the rain” (published for the first time a week ago) and “non-random” – both as typically Russian, too, must be heard at the concert in the “Megasport”.

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Well, yesterday, March 5, Max played in SK “Anniversary” St.-Petersburg. For this show he brought 16 dancers, lots of costumes, stage sets. Sang from a phone booth, then attached to the stage “language”, which was regularly gone into the hall to shake hands with the audience and handing them the microphone.

the program included all the major hits of max Barsky: “turn it up”, “Unearthly”, “Weird”, “My love”, “the Shore”. Again remembered the artist about his long, but very good song “No one.” Included in the program of the 17 tracks, but “encore” was “Fog” and “Wanna dance”.

it is Expected that the same number of songs Max Barskih will sing on Saturday in Moscow.

And the actor was visited on the First channel in the program “Evening Urgant”. Then in the morning reached out to fans in social networks:

“Good morning, friends. Elevate your mood. For those who missed yesterday’s “Evening Urgant”.


After the concerts in Eastern and Western Europe, Max Barsky sing in Odessa, and then continue the tour of Russian cities. September 21, scheduled the concert in Perm, 23rd in Ekaterinburge, 27- in Tyumen.

And end NEZEMNAYA only 2020 WORLD TOUR November 8 in new York.


After the concert in St. Petersburg, the audience willingly expressed their respectful and enthusiastic opinions in social networks. Moreover, replica Tatiana Savelyeva want to quote the whole thing. With a smile. And keeping the author’s punctuation:

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“I Came to St. Petersburg especially for the concert from a small village in Novgorod region. Great!!! Impressions last for a lifetime !!! But what maksik slender, and pale, too, it is clear that tired. Spectators will not spend! I’m 58 years old (but it doesn’t hurt to be a fan of it).

And that’s purely motherly, I want to say: “Eat, son. And get plenty of rest, plenty of sleep!

Ahead of a big life and career! Good luck!”