Luka Doncic assisted the Dallas Mavericks in claiming a 115 -98 victory in the national basketball association (NBA). He netted 27 points during their game on Saturday, February 27, taking the shorthanded eight-game winning streak.

Before his energy level lowered, James Harden netted 29 points for the Nets. He carried the burden in the absence of Kevin Dirnt and Kyrie Irving’s duo, as punters wagered at to enjoy great welcome bonuses. It was the seventh game in which Durant was absent with a hamstring injury while Irving was out as he is still undergoing right shoulder surgery.

Harden scored only four points in the second half, as he was on the bench for most of the fourth quarter in which Dallas was ahead by 22 points. The return of Kristaps Porzingis energized the team as he scored 18 points in his first contest since missing three games. According to Doncic, who was celebrating his 22nd birthday, he appreciated the fact that there was teamwork in the game. Doncic added that the team is impressive even with the absence of the two-star players.

Brooklyn has left half a game behind Philadelphia, who are the eastern conference leaders. The Philadelphia team was defeated by Cleveland cavaliers 112-109 in overtime in the unusual home defeat. Both guard Collin sexton and Darius Garland scored 53 points, 28 courtesy of guard Collins sexton and 25 courtesy of Darius garland. A total of nine assists came from cavaliers, who went into the game with many players missing in action due to injuries and personal reasons.

By the end of the first quarter, Cleveland was leading 28 – 23 and 56 – 47 at halftime despite having just nine uniform players. The two teams leveled 65 – 65 in the third quarter, and the lead was changing hands eight times in the fourth quarter. Joel Embiid missed a potential game-winner, although his dunk in the last minutes made sure the quarter ended in a stalemate.

The game headed to overtime, and the Cavs scored the first five points and never nailed despite a 42 points, 16 rebound performance from Embiid. According to doc rivers, the 76ers coach acknowledged that the team had full energy in the third quarter. To add to that, they got the target of the shots they all wanted. The league leaders Utah jazz to the disorganized Miami Heats’ advantage to beat them 124 – 109 in Orlando. In the second half, Donovan Mitchell scored 25 points out of 31 points.

Joe Ingles scored 17 points, and besides, he handed out seven assists. Rudy Gobert scored 12 points and 16 rebounds for the Jazz, which had scored 18 points off the bench from Jordan Clarkson. Utah scored 70-59 to carry the day despite suffering loss earlier in the hands of magic. In Washington, both Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook scored 53 points for the Wizards to help the team win 128 -112.  It was the 7th loss for the Minnesota timberwolves. Westbrook recorded 14 more rebounds and 12 assists to enable the team to win against the wizard win their eight starts.