This week, the Swiss diplomats were not dispersed over the Globe. They met at the annual ambassadors conference of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in Bern.

The result of the high-profile encounter Irritation and Anger were triggered by the Federal President, the held for the occasion, according to tradition, a speech.

Ueli Maurer (68) on Wednesday in Berner Stade de Suisse, the word takes, they are not phrases to diplomatic. Without further ADO, he comes to the most explosive Dossier: in Front of two hundred audience explains the SVP-magistrate of the institutional framework agreement with the EU for a failure. The contract will anyway be signed, he says, mutatis mutandis, it would have to be looking for “Alternatives”.

Surprised EDA, members of the

Mason had exploited the issue of “smugly” as one of the present ambassadors Sunday tells views to his Federal Council colleagues Ignazio Cassis (58) “of spite”. Several EDA employees reports of a smoldering conflict between the financial and the foreign Minister.

The EDA members were from Maurer’s announcement surprised apparently. The conclusion of the “Insta” with Brussels is in your Department as the ultimate goal, several task forces are working hard. As well as EDA chief Cassis and his Secretary of state, Roberto Balzaretti (54).

the actual addressee, the so-diplomatic circles interpret Utterances of Mason, was the European Union – first and foremost, the President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (64) and its designated successor, Ursula von der Leyen (60). The President of the Swiss Confederation Cassis’ Brussels-kill-Mission.

All other content of the letter

The opposition of Mason’s speech to the Letter that the state government only on 7. June has sent to Brussels, according to a different audience obviously. It stated: “The Federal Council wants to consolidate the relations between Switzerland and the European Union and its member States, and continue to develop. He recognises that this also includes the completion of a new institutional framework and the continuation of a comprehensive and sustainable political Dialogue with the children.”

Although the Federal Council, also spoke at critical points: the protection of Wages, state aid, and the Union citizens Directive. In principle, however, to consider the draft institutional agreement “for the most part, in the interests of Switzerland”.

signed the letter of Chancellor Walter Thurnherr (56) was – and Ueli Maurer.

number one topic of conversation

The Department of Finance represents the speech from Wednesday to request something different than those listeners who spoke with Sunday view: “the Federal President Ueli Maurer has confirmed, in his words, the attitude of the Federal Council. Namely that the institutional framework of the agreement, a majority is not in the present Form, and that we need to discuss further,” said a spokesman.

At the reception the Ambassador on Wednesday evening in the Bernese belts, Mason was number one topic of conversation. Also, some of the foreign politicians of the Federal Parliament were present. “The bewilderment of those people from the EDA, which had heard the speech, was clearly noticeable,” confirms the Zurich CVP national councillor Kathy Riklin (66).

Hans-Peter Portmann reichts

“The amazement of the officials from the Department of foreign Affairs was palpable,” said FDP-Nationalrat Hans-Peter Portmann (56, ZH). “The speech of the Federal President is shot in the back of our team in Brussels has been trying for months to find a solution with the EU.”

port man to see Maurer’s speech as evidence of efforts in the state government, an agreement on the framework agreement take place.

“enough!”, he says. The “unholy Alliance” in the Federal Council between the SVP and the SP, which is blocked because of the pay protection policy on Europe, endangering the international credibility of Switzerland. Tomorrow Monday want to apply for a port Mann in the foreign policy Commission of the national Council, the Federal Council must declare to the Maurer-speech.

Not the first Time that Maurer, in his presidential year for eddy. On 6. In January, he urged on the edge of a SVP-event renegotiations to the framework agreement. At WEF he is irritated with the statements on the murder of the Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Maurer is still a further four months in Federal President.