MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Kalmykov. The Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation in the conditions of the quarantine plans to complete work on preparing the final document “Strategy of development of physical culture and sports in Russia till 2030” until July 15 based on the current situation in the country, told RIA Novosti the Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin.

From March 21, the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation recommended to postpone or cancel all athletic events throughout the country until further notice, from 29 March, suspended the training of sports bases.

“Next, you need to compile all recommendations and submit the draft to the Government for approval. As we are now in the zone of uncertainty, quarantine, we plan to complete the work on the preparation of the final document before July 15”, he added.

the Document must be realistic given the current situation. “We believe it is necessary to prepare a document which would be realistic given the current situation. In its development involved almost all of the Federation and the regions, Moscow state University, discussions were held within the framework of the Public Council. I hope the document will be professional and understandable and for those who work in the regions and the federations and our partner organizations, and the business community”, – said the Minister.

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