Matvienko: the Federation Council will convene for an extraordinary meeting on 31 March

“the bar Council has just adopted the decision to hold the March 31 extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Federation. We all understand the importance of prompt consideration of legislative proposals of the government, based on the instructions of the President of Russia,” she told reporters.

According to the speaker, last week the senators had received enough information from the regions to verify the correctness of the proposed measures.

the Federation Council has told about results of testing for coronavirus

“We planned to gather on Thursday, April 2, but the State Duma, as you know, changed your work schedule. MPs tomorrow in the first half of the day will consider government bills in the third reading. In this situation, we are ready to join in the discussion,” – said Matvienko.

the Nearest planned meeting of the Federation Council is scheduled for April 15, but the senators are ready “if necessary to hold additional meetings,” said speaker of the Federation Council.