the Head of the Federation Council is confident that the introduction to the cultural wealth, the focus in museums is now becoming critical. “Because we live in the era of globalization, and one of the most dangerous challenges – the risk of loss by peoples for their historical and national identity,” she said.

this challenge is faced and Russia, said Valentina Matvienko. According to her, movement forward is impossible without answering the questions “Who are we?” and “Where are we going?”. “If you do not find him at risk of losing himself as a unique multinational people. As a sovereign state”, – said the speaker.

She stressed that this is not “horror stories”, but the real challenge born global processes and politics of certain circles of some States, “aimed at the transformation of Russia into the global periphery”. Valentina Matviyenko believes that Russia should separate from the outside world, but urges not to forget that “mankind is not homogenous, faceless group of people, and the diversity of peoples, languages, cultures” and every country has the right freely to determine their own polity, economy model, a way of life.

“we had a great and difficult experience. We have seen: the desire for independence in determining the path of development, to the state and, I would say, spiritual sovereignty is an integral part of our mental, cultural code,” – said the head of the Federation Council.

She believes that the role of art in all of this is huge, especially the role of Russian culture, which was and remains the Foundation of a United country and the source of its core values.

“I believe museums are one of those institutions, which allows to overcome the real threat of dehumanization. Russian Museum, I think, adequately fulfills this mission”, – concluded the Chairman of the Federation Council.