the shock in the Canton of URI country: last week, suffered Matthias Steinegger (43), son of “disasters”-Franz Steinegger (76), a stroke. He’s fine according to the circumstances, and he could hope for a full recovery, writes the URI of the FDP today is Monday in a Communiqué.

Nevertheless, Steinegger is withdrawing his candidacy for the national Council. He would have to conquer back for the FDP in the national Council seat, the liberals until 2015, during 99 years, continuously had occupied.

FDP waives seat

The Executive Committee of the URI, the FDP decided for reasons of time, to look for a new candidate. In theory, this would have been possible, in Uri, the ballot of 20. October, no closing date.

The Executive Committee of the URI, FDP, recommend to the voting public but to support one of the two bourgeois candidates, Pascal Blöchlinger (SVP) and Simon Stadler (CVP), announced this on Monday. So Stadler is likely to be as good as elected. The SP-ler Urs Kälin has no Chance.

The URI, the seat is no longer free after Beat Arnold (41, SVP date) for health reasons. Arnold had to absorb his own fate – he was suffering from cancer. (SDA/sf)