In their first joint appearance in Public Matthias Schweighöfer (37), and Ruby O. Fee (23) were not able to leave on Monday, the fingers from each other. The well-known actor (“100 things”) were at a Berlinale Party proud with his new love.

at the end of January Schweighofer had given the separation from his longtime partner Ani Schromm (34), with whom he has two children. “In my life, there is now a new woman,” wrote the actor in Instagram.

with her movie star Mads Mikkelsen

But who is Ruby O. Fee? In 2010, she starred in her first feature film “Womb” alongside Eva Green (38). After that, she was in productions such as “Bibi & Tina”, “The black brothers” or “Crazy for Fixi” and starred in several “crime scene”-with consequences. Their latest project: the Netflix action movie, “Polar”, with film star Mads Mikkelsen (53) and Vanessa Hudgens (30).

Ruby O. Fee Grew up rather unconventionally. The actress was born in Costa Rica and lived with her German mother and French stepfather in Indonesia, India, and Brazil, where she was enrolled in school. With twelve, she moved to Berlin. If your name is not a Pseudonym, as you said “image”: “He is not thought of, but is in my passport. My full Name is Ruby Moonstone Camilla Willow Fairy.”

When tea-Date radioed it

your new friend, Ruby O. Fee, learned five years ago at auditions. Clicked it few months, according to the “image” it’s only nine. “There was tea with milk and biscuits,” revealed Schweighöfer on the Date “Gala”. And said: “she is first and foremost a very warm, wonderful and positive woman. She is a treasure!”

the age difference of 14 years between the two in the relationship. Schweighöfer declared: “The age difference is sometimes totally absurd for me. Ruby is being traveled much in your life that you – and this is the worst part of the relationship – is sometimes older than me, so from experience, your soul. It scares me sometimes.” (kad)