Matthias Glarner: It is definitely so, that in my home village of Meiringen throughout the year and more from the Brünig as of Federal events is told. According to early, I’ve been using this myth to be confronted. Every Time my father’s Cousin Simon, my Anderegg and chauffeured me to a young schwingertag in the Central part of Switzerland, he has shown on the top of the pass with the Finger to the Arena up and said: “If you want to swing one day yourself up there, you have to eat a lot of potatoes.” Due to such a pre-layers of the Brünig-Schwinget heard in the summer of 2003 to the most emotional moments in my career!

As I was before my 18. Birthday on the Brünig in second gear against the Schwyzer Heinz Suter compete, which at that time belonged to the very best transducers. The Heinz I’ve got a couple of years earlier, with shiny eyes of children to the Swiss in Bern and Nyon admired, where he has gebodigt Jörg Abderhalden. At once, I faced this giant myself, I could prove that, on this occasion, even Asked. At the end of the day, I was with a score of 56.25 is one of only four club that could win this most prestigious crown.

At the Moment, the gratitude outweighs that I can now engage for the first Time since my serious accident two years ago, again at my favorite mountain festival to Happen.

Before the second surgery, I doubted the continuation of my athletic career. Also, the specialists have expressed to this point in time rather skeptical. A doctor said to me: “Only an absolute Spinner could succeed under these conditions, a Comeback.” This statement has made me but courage. Because I knew that a single athlete like me will not fall, the role of the spinner too hard…

I’ve actually read in the hospital, the biography of Hermann Maier, exactly. I wanted to know how he has fought back. His story has also made me a lot of courage. But I want to make my story, no Hermann-Maier-hero-Story. It doesn’t suit me. If people in my story to draw energy, although that’s all well and good. But I want to stylized to be a hero.

I was just preparing last Wednesday on an approximately twelve-Meter-high support, which has given me no problems. But I have to admit that at the beginning I had a funny feeling in the stomach. And: I have become since the accident at work will be even more cautious.

I know that some people sprinkle in the tuning scene, the rumor that I would seriously think about a cancellation. But that’s not true, if nothing Unpredictable will happen, I will put in train my husband. And I am at the Moment physically in a similarly good condition as it was in my King 2016. Therefore, I also believe this time that for me to the top, everything is possible.

in Principle, we can obtain self-active transducer no tickets for these occasions. In my case it is so that I receive since a few years, from the swinging club Meiringen two Tickets for my relatives. These Places are not in the first row, but somewhere in the top left under a fir-Tree. But no matter, I’m extremely grateful that I have the Brünig-Arena somewhere at all places.

As I receive free of charge as a king, a Ticket, and in contrast to most of the other Vibrators I have the right of first refusal on a further ten tickets. In my opinion it should be so that everyone should take an active transducer a right of first refusal. It can’t be that women, or parents of the main characters have no seats in the stands.

I consider it with great skepticism. Firstly, because as a result, the pressure on these young people is even greater. On the other hand I wonder what a guy who has only won a couple of wreaths, needs a Manager? So great the demand is, in fact, now again, that you could not cope with that at the beginning yourself. Especially as a young athlete may also experience that make him as a Person stronger.

Samuel Giger’s philosophy, which has, to date, all of the sponsors and Manager requests out?
I think Sämis way pretty cool. He wants to first something special to make, before he puts himself in the financially lucrative showcase.

For drugs or for erotic articles.

I drummed a couple of external vibration and gentlemen, that you are allowed to move only in the hasli valley in search of a bride, if you have defeated me in the sawdust. The friend of my sister I said that he could only remain with her if he gets in the fight with me at least a Provided. But because I didn’t mean, of course, really serious, living together with my sister more happy with a footballer.

Only ten kilometers from the Brünig-Arena on the top of the pass grew up Matthias Glarner (33). He took in his career-115 wreaths, 12 of which are on the Brünig. The solid victory on his home mountain of missing him, however. In 2016, the Bernese Oberland from Meiringen vibrating king. The following year, he crashed during a photo shoot at his workplace at the cable car Hasliberg 12 meters in depth. Since then, he always fights back with injury problems.

Pirmin Reichmuth – Kilian Wenger

Christian Schuler, Matthias Glarner

Joel Wicki Bernhard Kämpf

Benji von Ah – Matthias Aeschbacher

p. Schurtenberger – Simon Anderegg

Mike waste stone Niklaus Zenger

Philipp Gloggner – Philip Roth