The driver shortage has been a Problem. A lack of personnel in the cab of the SBB and the Lötschbergbahn (BLS). But smaller companies are not immune to vulnerabilities. The Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB) not enough staff to be able to normal operation is maintained. In the “Walliser Bote” reported.

in The early Morning and late in the evening require passengers between Brig, VS, and Fiesch, VS, therefore, the post-car. Overall, it is currently ten Connections to the replacement operation. The rail set is to be continued until the timetable change in December, so the Valais newspaper.

Eight employees in training

Despite this months-long exceptional situation appeased companies, the railway. It was a “snapshot”. In the medium term, such gaps could occur. Reasons of retirements, illness and layoffs were. After all, a fresh supply of rolls. Eight future train drivers are currently being trained. This will reinforce the Team of about 100 engineers in the coming of spring.

in addition to the personnel, the rolling stock is in the case of the MGB, almost – with a reason why, exceptionally, the post cars are used.

Other incentives

On incentives for new or existing employees the Valais company wants to renounce, in spite of the congestion. Unlike the BLS: Who put in additional layers, and thus a free day sacrifices, receives a special payment of 100 francs. The scheme is valid until 30. April 2020. The SBB will have to pay 20 francs less. Anyone who gives up on a free day, has Recently been 80 francs extra per day.

That the Situation in the cab is a problem, also confirm the SBB. “The strain of the Crews is high,” SBB spokesman Reto Schaerli. This has consequences: “There are employees that would fail due to health problems, also in other areas.” The Federal railroad take each case very seriously and support the employees. (jfr)