Masuria will offer the Russians a currency trading in lots of less than one thousand dollars or Euro

the Moscow exchange plans to offer in the second quarter of trading “micro lots” of currency in an amount less than one thousand dollars or Euro. The Russians will be easier to buy or sell currency on the exchange at the best exchange rate.

“To enhance the experience for those customers, we are working on launching mikromotivov trading regime with the opportunity to trade with up to one thousand dollars or euros. The start of trading in the new regime scheduled for the second quarter of 2020,” — said RIA Novosti Director of the Department of the currency market of Masuri Andrew Skabelon.

Now on the Moscow exchange to buy or sell currency lots at a time not less than one thousand dollars or Euro. According to stock exchange data, the number of Russians who performed these transactions on the Moscow stock exchange in January doubled compared to January 2019 and exceeded 134 thousand people.

“On the foreign exchange market comes to the mass customer, the main goal is to convert small volumes”, — said Sebelin. The share of such transactions of individuals in trading volume is 8% of spot. The turnover of transactions of natural persons in the currency conversion exceeded 10 trillion rubles, according to Moscow exchange.

the Number of active accounts on Masuria has increased over the year in 5 times — in January 2018 was 26,875 thousand, and in January 2020 146,57 thousands.