Masseur raped 17-year-old guest in St. Petersburg

the Central Board of the TFR in St. Petersburg checks on the claim of rape of a minor girl in the Suburban. The suspect is 20-year-old young man who earns a living as a massage.

the Statement the police received the day before from the Department of custody and guardianship of the municipality “Krasnenkoe river”. As the “MK in St. Petersburg”, all occurred in the apartment of a young man on the night of February 28. 17-year-old girl. which came from the Oryol region, was a guest here. At some point the therapist was done to the guest violent actions of sexual character.

After receipt of the application to the police, the police detained a young man and taken to the Investigative Committee. After he gave explanations to the investigator, he was released under the obligation about an appearance.

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