It was a warm summer’s evening. The family of Maria S.* (34) meets the trees to chat in the garden under the fruit. Hours later, the Idyll in the Cimerman-street, in Studentski grad District of Zagreb (Croatia) is, to the bloody crime scene.

It is already dark when Ivan M* (†36) pulls out his gun. The taxi driver shoots his wife, her parents, her sister and her husband. Their son Peter (†10) is not spared the Croat. Also on the boy, he aimed the barrel and pull the trigger in cold blood. Six people are dead. Only a two-month-old Baby is unharmed in a cradle. It is the biological child of the Amok-runner.

to The police a picture of horror

The picture that the police officers in the flat roof house offers, shocking even the most hardboiled among them. The bodies lying in pools of blood. One room, the officers heard screaming the Baby. Bring it immediately to the hospital for monitoring and then further in a children’s home in Nazorova.

From the Smoking gun offenders each track is missing. Not until four o’clock in the morning, the Taxi, a white Skoda Octavia will be discovered in the 830 kilometres distant Brezovica, near the border to Kosovo, reported “Jutarnji list”. When the police wants to take Ivan M. feast, shoot the taxi driver with a bullet in the head.

perp was, for two years,

engaged to How it came to the deed, is still a complete mystery. Ivan and Maja were for three years, a Couple of. In 2017, they celebrated their engagement. In the early summer of their common child came into the world. “You were a quiet, very valued family,” says Marija Šaranja, members of the local Committee of Jarun in the Croatian media.

*names have been changed