Mass glgeterror In Siberia villages

At the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo safely landed a passenger plane A320 from Vladivostok.

the Plane landed at 18.09 local time, – have informed RIA Novosti the representative of Tolmachevo.

Photo: Alex Maligawa/WG Omsk villages “mined” a passenger plane

During the flight of the aircraft at the airport received a message about mining, which proved to be false.

the Same anonymous messages in droves today are with other Russian airports. In Omsk villages “mined” the Airbus A320, on Board of which there were 52 passengers. In readiness were given to all security. Explosive substances and items prohibited for carriage by air transport, the plane is not found.

reports of a bomb threat also received two passenger aircraft, EN route flights Saint Petersburg – Simferopol and Moscow -Syktyvkar.

the Kremlin said that the perpetrators of false messages about the mining of the aircraft will be found and punished.