The farmers are under political pressure. According to the initiatives for horn cows, Fair Food and nutrition security, the last year for the vote came, quaking the farmers currently in the light of the two pesticide initiatives of the knee. And the next Bauer scare follows immediately: the abolition of the mass animal husbandry.

Because the people’s initiative, wants to push to the livestock farming, in a bar, comes. “We have 124’000 signatures, which are now certified by the municipalities,” says campaign Director Meret Schneider (26), Co-Director of the animal rights Association Sentience Politics. The enough in most cases to crack after deducting the invalid signatures, the 100’000 mark. In September, the Initiative is to be officially submitted.

Bio-directives for all

your concern is met in the population a lot of appeal – more-than-expected, pulling Schneider interim balance sheet. “I was particularly surprised how many people have told me that they find it anyway, we would have to eat a lot of meat, and that this is too cheap,” says Schneider, Zurich, national Council of the Green candidate. You stated: “The issue of mass animal farming have a much higher sensitivity today than it was even a few years ago.”

Would be accepted, the referendum would have to change the farmers at the latest in 25 years of their production. New for all pet owners with similar guidelines as those of Bio Suisse to apply. In contrast to the conventional animal husbandry this means, among other things, more space, and compelling outlet to the outside. Per pig, a lying area of 1.65 square metres is provided, for example – in the case of Non-organic Farms, it is only 0.9.

farmers warn of higher prices

Schneider emphasizes that she didn’t want to push for the Situation today, the farmers of the blame in the shoes. “Many farmers are in an incredibly difficult situation: they work extremely much and constantly get on the roof,” she says. “Nevertheless, today’s Standards for animals and the environment are devastating.”

The builders Association, sees it quite differently. From mass animal husbandry they could not speak in Switzerland at all, so the Position of President Markus Ritter (52). The animal protection laws in Switzerland were part of one of the world’s most stringent. Farmers warn of steep price premiums, should come through the Initiative.

The initiators, one of which is the well-known environmental activist, Vera Weber (44), make a hard vote, battle focus. Schneider is aware of: “The work starts now really.”