The composition of the Board of Directors of the company Petropavlovsk remained after an extraordinary meeting in the same composition, and that after a year. The company’s founder Pavel Maslovskiy to the Board again failed. Previously the largest shareholders of Petropavlovsk, including “Yuzhuralzoloto” Konstantin Strukov, not supported at the annual meeting the nomination to the Board of Directors its former members, including Mr. Maslovsky.In the history of Petropavlovsk is not the first joint-stock conflict. In 2017, Renova, who was at that time a shareholder of the company, and to support its funds Sothic and M&G have stated that they intend to vote against the re-election to the Board of Directors of the company’s founder Peter Hambro and three independent Directors. After the victory of candidates of “Renova” post of the CEO and Board of Directors left by Mr. Maslowski. Corporate conflict this year occurred against the background of rumors about the merger of Petropavlovsk and “Yuzhuralzoloto”. In early June, The British Daily Telegraph reported that both companies are considering to establish a joint venture. Then Pavel Maslovsky has declared to the edition that the talks are in early stages and a deal is possible.But then on the site of a gold miner was actually published a retraction. “Petropavlovsk notes the recent press speculation about a possible corporate transaction with its main shareholder, group of companies “Yuzhuralzoloto”, a private Russian mining company”,— stated in the message.About the situation, in the publication “Kommersant” “Petropavlovsk alloys of Directors.”