In Austria, had announced the government on Monday a mandatory Mouth guard in super markets. And also in Germany, it is widely discussed about the mask duty.

However, protective gear is sold out at many suppliers. How can a Mouth guard simply sew it yourself, shows the fire Department of Abensberg, in Bavaria.

fire starts, call for mouth protection

As for the lack of protections for rescue workers at the Mouth, you have started a call and the citizens of the Region asked for assistance.

“With this action, we try to help ourselves,” said firefighter Konrad Bauer. In a Video of the making of the masks is explained step by step. And also you can sew with the guidance of your suitable masks.

material required per mask

  • material 40x20cm
  • 2 edges of the strip 10x4cm
  • 2 rubber bands á 20cm
  • (Possible addition: piece of Wire 16cm)

mask sewing – how to

a double-ply fabric a 40x20cm rectangle for the mask, the edges of the two 4x10cm rectangles cut. The more action you’ll learn in the Video. For this you need this pattern: fire Abensberg

patterns for the masks

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should be 140 volunteers to sew hundreds of masks

At the fire Department Abensberg have made with these instructions, approximately 140 volunteers, several Hundred masks, and the entire rescue team was equipped with it. Now you want to help others.

Konrad Bauer of the fire Department of the city of Abensberg: “as soon As we have more masks, we want to also support service employees such as bakeries.”

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No self-sewn mouth protection protects against contagion

respect The self-stitched mask does not protect effectively against infection with COVID-19. That’s why these masks should be used as a makeshift mask, and not as protective masks, as Konrad Bauer of the fire Abensberg.

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Infectious disease specialists suggest that it is better to be a makeshift mouth-to-wear protection, as no. So the risk would, at least, that others, in particular people belonging to the risk group infected with the Virus.

Robert-Koch-Institute changes in evaluation and mouth protection

the Robert Koch Institute has in the corona of crisis, his assessment for the Wearing of a mouthguard is to be adjusted. On the website of the Federal authority, it also means that If people – even without symptoms – wear as a precautionary measure, a mask, could the risk of Transmission of virus to others reduce. Scientifically this is not proven but. Previously, the RKI had recommended the Mouth guard, only people with acute respiratory diseases.

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