“the Cost of the purchase of masks, gloves, thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement, installation in the premises of sanitizers, tests for coronavirus, employers will be able to compensate for the expense of insurance premiums, – explained the Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotkov. – Expanding the list of activities to be funded by insurance contributions, to help enterprises to resume work to protect the health of employees.”

the Draft order has been prepared and coordinated with other departments, said the press service. The amount of compensation may not exceed 20% of the insurance contributions made by the organization in 2019. According to the Department annually the amount of funds insurance premiums paid to employers for providing preventive measures more than 10 billion rubles.

the Ministry listed the additional expenses for the compensation which can attract the money of the social insurance Fund: the purchase of individual means of respiratory protection (disposable masks, respirators, reusable cloth masks), face shields, Shoe covers, anti-plague suits, disposable gowns; purchasing disinfectant skin antiseptic for the treatment of hands of workers and metering devices for the treatment of hands with antiseptics mentioned; the purchase of the devices and disinfectants for provisioning of means of transport, transport packaging materials, equipment, products, office space, the contact surfaces; the purchase of devices for contactless control of body temperature of the employee; conduct laboratory examination of workers at COVID-19.

According to the current rules, employers are already unable to Fund the payment of contributions to the social insurance Fund some activities. Among them, the special evaluation of working conditions, training on labor protection, acquisition workers of personal protective equipment, health resort treatment of the workers occupied on works with harmful and dangerous production factors, the acquisition of devices of the control over a mode of work and rest of drivers and the purchase of medical kits for first aid.