Mash the Czech

Russian Team has got in group “B”. Contenders of Russians will be teams of Czech Republic and Switzerland. Another member of the Quartet will be determined in qualifying.

In the “A” group will play teams of Canada, USA, Germany and China. In group “C” in addition to Finnish and Swedish fans will see two teams qualifying tournament.

Note, the groups was determined by world ranking, which leads Canada, and the Russian team occupies the second position.

In conversation with the correspondent of news Agency “R-Sport” the head of the International ice hockey Federation Rene Fasel suggested, how will it affect the national team of Russia possible involvement of players from the NHL.

“the Swiss Team may present different formulations for the Olympics in 2022, depending on, it will be presented hockey players from the NHL or not,’ said Fazel. – The same applies to the Russian team, it can be absolutely different in quality, if hockey players from the NHL will come to play in China.

speaking from the position of good for the Russian team in the group will be no Finns or Swedes or North American teams, I think that the Russian team got the least bad option. If Russia wins the group will feel confident. Your team is always one of the favorites. On the other hand, if you are fighting for the victory at the Olympics, you need to beat any opponent, without thinking about the situation. In the final in any event will be equal to opponent”.