Lochristi – They had Thursday afternoon at the concert of Chris’s Breakfast cheerfully, and from a distance, in the front yard of homes of Saint-Vincent de paul: Mary Van Driessche (7) of the Bosdam, the newest star of the senior home. The local Newspaper, and The But gaanop look at the heroes in the vicinity of the coronacrisis. So, we bring you the story of the people, the warmth, support and care at this special time.
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Mary is going to be there each and every day, along with original drawings, greeting cards, collages, an art project, poetry, and even bloembakjes. Just to make the lives of the people with a bit of brightening up. “They know about her already, as she is at the door, and during our walk,” said mum Margaret.

as for Her drawings and her journal, hanging around in the sheltered housing at the Canon Triestlaan in Zaffelare. “Over the last few weeks, I have had it after my school work is finished, was already bored. That is why I am attention, and to begin to make up for the people who need to be binnenblijven. To make them happy,” says Juliet, who is in a “normal” life, in the second year of the based life school Eikenkring in Zeveneken is. Now, therefore, be governed by his mother , who has the best memory of it is sheltered by her grandfather,a deviation from the Bosdam to the home for the elderly in Zaffelare.

Also, if you just keep on going, girl!

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