It is a time of saying goodbye for many of the politicians: Next week starts the last Session of the current legislature. For over 50 National and Ständeräte it is officially the last Session, you occur on the 20. October not to seek re-election.

you pack the bags in the Federal government in Bern voluntarily – in contrast to a couple of dozen other members of Parliament, which in the autumn of the dismissal threatens. VIEW shows, who needs to be shaking the most.

Martullo-Blocher fears for their re-election

For the Showdown with the biggest celebrity factor of it comes in the Grisons: Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50) is four years after the dismissal, the Blocher dynasty in the Federal government in Bern, the end. Because one of the two Grisons SVP-seats is pretty sure flutes.

“politics is always lucky,” said Martullo-Blocher recently in the VIEW. “Grisons has a few seats, which will be difficult – especially if all the parties are uniting against us.” But, if you are lucky, the dismissal of their colleague Heinz Brand (63).

the traditional Ausserrhoden Zubi Give the Shoe?

need More than luck other SVP-national councils for re-election. David Zuber Buhler (40 AR) for example. Four years ago he suckered the FDP the seat. This wants to conquer back Abderhalden the seat now with Jennifer (41). Well possible that the traditional Ausserrhoden “Zubi” give the Shoe. Because the SP abandoned in favor of the free-minded to his own candidacy. “Our goal is a different policy than in the last four years,” says SP-cantonal President Jens Weber (51). 26. By September the Enjoyed, whether you support the FDP candidate, even officially. “The Chance is big,” says Weber.

Zuberbühler of the danger is aware of, but thinks: “I have a good feeling about this.” As a Democrat, he would accept a defeat “harmless”. “And I would put my energy back into their own companies,” says the Shoe dealer.

must But tremors are also other national councils. In St. Gallen Toni Brunner (45) a successor to Mike Egger (27) has to worry about re-election, sits him with Esther Friedli (42) ironically, Brunner’s companion in the neck. At best, it could also meet Barbara Keller-Inhelder (51). In Zurich, in turn, around the only in the summer session, Martin Haab (57) or Therese Schläpfer (60) sworn in potential deselection are the victims. In Bern, at best, Erich Hess (38) has to jump over the blade.

In the Canton of Aargau Luzi Stamm (66) is standing buying, in spite of his counterfeit money and the Coke affair on a private list – no chance. And with Maximilian Reimann (77) is likely to remain a real political dinosaur on the track. He sits since 1987, continuously in the Federal house. Now he’s trying on a non-party senior list to hold the seat. A difficult task, but Reimann is optimistic: “does not exist, The word wobbly candidate in my political vocabulary,” he says. “I start again from frame 1. I come to the finish, I am happy, of course. If not, I complain after 16 years in the National and 16 years in the Council of States, by no means, not.”

CVP must springs

Not only in the ranks of the SVP, the Fear is big, the CVP is springs. In the party Central of the horror scenario expects a loss of up to a dozen Seats. Acute is the seat of the Christian-social Valaisan, Thomas Egger (52) is at risk. A seat that is already passed almost traditionally between the parties around.

four years Ago, the Greens missed him just barely. Spills the green wave over the Lötschberg, you must say good-bye in this legislature downstream of Egger slipped after only two years, from Bern. “I don’t think the green wave also reaches the Valais,” dismisses Egger. “In addition, it could well be that the SVP loses according to the nationwide Trend, have a seat.” Then SVP national councillor Franz groups (48) would lose the seat.

Also, CVP national councillor Kathy Riklin (66, ZH) is a rescission of the resignation virtually away from the window. They occur only on a secondary list, without a real election chances, since the CVP is likely to go anyway, one of their two existing seats will be lost. Also Fabio Regazzi (57) have to make in Ticino, since the CVP is the threat of a loss of seats. In the Canton of Vaud, and Claude Béglé (69) could stumble over his controversial North Korea trip. Or on its internal party competitors, Jacques Neirynck (88).

BDP-Guhl is allowed

In the bourgeois camp, the BDP has to expect one or the other opting out. In Aargau, Bernhard Guhl (47) is likely to have sleepless nights. “No one has a guarantee on re-election – and that is a good thing,” says Guhl. He counts on a “tactically smart List” with the EPP.

And if he missed the seat yet? “That would be absolutely no Problem,” he says calmly. “I never had the claim to remain until Retirement the national Council.” With his 47 years, he could increase in his Job and in the profession continue to develop, the electrical engineer.

Worry about the Bernese SP-men

A seat guarantee does not have the left-green parliamentarian, although in October, according to the most recent SRG-election barometer is a left-slip on the horizon. In Bern, the SP make men Worry. Your list took four years ago, just a third seat. Add to that the Canton may send a representative less to Bern. It would have been already in 2015, the case, it would have made the red men seat.

“I am the poor man, the loss of seats and, therefore, the dismissal is a possible scenario,” says the last year has slipped Adrian Wüthrich (39). After all, he may as travail Suisse President, with his commitment to the paternity leave Initiative points. “I’ve been doing the last 20 years of policy uncertainty on the choice part of it. I’m now an active election campaign, via a non-choice, I am not, therefore, thought with my Job, I’m so close to the policy.”

In the Canton of Solothurn, in turn, SP is brought to the national Council Philipp Hadorn (52) of a comrade in distress. Cantonal President, Franziska Roth (53) could run this time to the rank. Four years ago, the two were only 122 votes.

Green loose seat, despite the green wave

Despite the green wave, high-pitched bells in the green camp the alarm. In Basel-city has committed itself to the middle of the EPP to the LDP against left-Green. The width of the connection List could cost Green-national councillor Sibel Arslan (39) of the seat.

“The population has elected me four years ago, according to Bern, although at the time, the climate crisis was much less in focus, and I was also on the national level, a lack of political performance,” says Arslan optimistic. In the meantime, you’ve made your political work for equality and human rights in Berne, a name. “I will lead, as usual, a committed election campaign. With much Effort, we can keep the seat.”

your campaign Hashtag is a program: “#remains Sibel”. Their hope: “Maybe nicks in the middle, Yes the SVP a seat.” Then it would meet the Previous Sebastian Frehner (46).

worry-free, FDP, GLP

Virtually worry-free the free Democrats and the green liberals in the election campaign. For your Previous, it looks good. For the FDP, the poll numbers are stable, for the GLP significantly in the Plus. Both parties can expect to win the Seat.