Martin Scorsese wrote a letter to the Director of

As told by the Creator of the movie “the Parasites”, which brought him the award, a letter of the great Director touched him.

“For me it is a great honor. He said I did a great job and needs to relax, but only briefly: he and many other people I can’t wait my next job,” said Jung-Ho.

Perhaps Scorsese has reacted well to the speech “best Director”, which he did, receiving “Oscar”. He noted that Martin Scorsese has had a big influence on him.

“In my youth, when I first started working in movies, that statement resonated deeply in my heart: “the Most personal is the most creative.” These are the words of the great Scorsese” – said the Director of “Parasites”.

For his picture Pont Chung-Ho received the “Oscar” for “best film”, “best original screenplay”, “best Director” and “best foreign language film”.