These are fates that leave no one indifferent. Also this Sunday in the new episode of “The Unvermittelbare – With Martin Rütter” the poorest of the poor fur noses were presented again. So did Charly and his brother Snoopy, a German shepherd mix.

The two males have a tragic history: They were rescued from an animal hoarding household along with 14 other dogs. The half-breeds are totally scared and do not allow any human contact. Even everyday situations overwhelm and stress them.

But there is hope: Alina, Alex and their son Yannick from Bottrop want to get to know Charly. They already have experience with scared dogs and gave Frida (11) a home to their dog. However, Charly is skeptical at the first meeting and avoids it. “I think it’s great, but I also know how much work goes into it,” says his potential mistress. Master Alex, on the other hand, is “totally impressed”. After a family council, they decide: Charly should get another chance with them,

Trainer Melle Hofmann from Martin Rütter’s team brings Charly to Bottrop. But before the dog can enter his new home, he stops again: the steep stairs are too much for him. “He’s really stressed,” stated Martin Rütter. Even with treats, the insecure dog cannot be lured. Alex: “I wouldn’t have expected it to be so extreme!”

Trainer Melle: “Welcome to reality!” Such a scared dog brings a big package. Her advice: Charly needs time to grasp the situation, which is unfamiliar to him. “Pressure doesn’t help at all here, otherwise the stairs will eventually become a disaster. Now you need a lot of patience.” After three days, the time has come: Charly dares to climb the stairs on her own.

Positive surprise: Charly snuggles up on the couch with his son Yannick – Martin Rütter is very happy about that: “The fact that he is looking for social contact is much more important than these stupid stairs.” But there is now stress with the dog Frida. “There was a scuffle,” reports Alina. Frida has a bite wound on her snout. And he growled at son Yannick.

Martin Rütter advises caution. “This is a very important phase now: is he megalomaniac now or is he just extremely insecure? Should Charly attack Yannick aggressively, that would be a criterion for exclusion: “That’s the day Charly moves out again,” explains the “dog professional”.

But after a few tests, the all-clear can be given: “He’s just extremely insecure,” is Martin Rütter’s assessment of Charly. The family must now make sure that he has a place to rest where he can withdraw and where nobody will disturb him. But he also predicts that there is still a lot of work ahead of the family: “Charly will still have a long way to go.”

Meanwhile, Charly’s brother Snoopy is waiting for a new family at the shelter. “I have the feeling that Snoopy’s fear is even more extreme than Charly’s,” says Martin Rütter. “In addition, he has seizures from time to time. But they can be easily controlled with medication.” People are being sought for Snoopy who have a lot of patience, because: walking the two-year-old German shepherd mix is ​​not yet possible due to his fear of the environment. The male would like to sink into the ground and just get away.

Up to now, Andreas and Daniela Mühlenberg only had hamsters as pets. Now they want to give the frightened Snoopy a chance. “I’ve wanted a dog ever since I moved out,” says Daniela. Now that her husband is going into semi-retirement, they finally have enough time for a four-legged friend. “It just feels right,” says Daniela.

Martin Rütter: “I know that many will now think: ‘Wait a minute, they’re total beginners! Is it right then to immediately nail a dog with problems to your leg?’ Yes! I’ve seen it often enough that people had dogs for 30 years and had no idea about anything, and then I get to know people who have never had a dog and who are well groomed.” The next episode continues with Charly , Snoopy and the other “unplaceables”.

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