“I don’t know when I’m coming home again, really hurts in the stomach.”

At 20.00 the big alarm in the Philippines. The alarm has sounded every night for two weeks, and means that you are not allowed to be outdoor, unless you have the proper documentation.

Such a documentation have a 39-year-old Martin Ricks not.

It means that he never when the aircraft carrying him home to Denmark and to his 13-year-old son.

At the moment is calling the only way, Martin and his son can talk together.

“I can look at him, that he misses me. He asks when I’m coming home,” says Martin Ricks.

It appears that Martin Ricks comes home just preliminary, since the Philippines has closed the country’s borders, to combat the dreaded coronavirus.

There was hope ahead.

on Tuesday afternoon informed the minister of foreign affairs Jeppe Kofoed at a news conference that a special flights to fly the stranded danes home from the Philippines this weekend.

There is just one problem. The aircraft is set to fly from the city of Manila at 7.55 local time on Saturday, and Martin Ricks is located in the city Malilpot, which is 13 to 16 hours away.

With the curfew at. 20.00 each evening, it is physically impossible for Martin Ricks to reach the plane in time.

“I would really like the place, if it was possible, but I run the risk of being arrested if I go out without the proper documentation,” says Martin Ricks.

Even if Martin Ricks takes off a day before the flight departure time, it helps him not, as the hotels in Manila are closed in order to reduce corona infection.

Martin Ricks is visiting his fiancee in the Philippines and would only have been in there in 3 weeks. Now he has been there a month, and he does not know when he will once again have the opportunity to get a flight home to Denmark.

“The Danish embassy has asked me to keep me in peace until it is more safe for me to take of the place,” says Martin Ricks.

After særflyet letter from Manila, it will pick up passengers in the town of Cenu, after which it sets sail for Denmark.

In the Philippines, which registered 196 resident danes. 1148 travelers as well as 333 in krisedatabasen. It informs the Ministry of foreign affairs.