Persevirense the latest Rover to Mars will take the names of 11 million earthlings, said the Deputy head of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen.

Start Persevirense scheduled for July 30, RIA “Novosti”.

Zurbuchen said: “Perseverance brings our hopes and dreams.” He said that 11 million people “from all over the world sent their names to go” to Mars. The Deputy head of NASA said that Perseverance “take” on Mars “all of us”.

In the framework of the campaign “Send your name to Mars” the names of the earthlings who have decided to take part in it, was placed on three chips mounted on an aluminum plate on Persevirense.

If the launch is successful, Perseverance will be on Mars in February. It needs to monitor the environment and implement a number of scientific experiments.

NASA expects that Perseverance will take soil samples that will be able to return to Earth. In this regard, the mission is considered “the first step to fly to Mars and back.”