Married to the President: a resident Ivanov said that Putin had long admired

a Resident Ivanov, who proposed Vladimir Putin to marry her, said that the long-admired President. According to the girl, she could deal with the first lady.

the President received the day before at the entrance to Ivanovo children’s clinic number 6, when the President communicated with citizens during a working trip to Ivanovo.

“Ivan has always been called the city of brides. Today I also received a proposal. I think the cameras were on, she would be known all over the country,” he later said Putin at a meeting with the Ivanovo community.

According to the girl, her name is Yulia Shilova, she was 28, she married and works as an actress in children’s theatre. She “still has not found the right man, who would like to see my fiancé”, but for a long time eyeing the President.

According to Julia, she likes how Putin runs the country like what he is strong-willed, purposeful and strong. She usually looks all press conferences of the President and “has long admires them”.

on the day of Putin’s visit to Ivanovo before meeting him, Julia managed to pass the Protocol service of the President of their pictures.

“I was told in Department on public relations. Suddenly he calls me: there is a phone number in the photos is specified”, — she told RIA Novosti.

the Girl said that could be the wife of the President, although this might sound very arrogant.

“Yet it is necessary that he saw these pictures,” she says.