A rutinetjek of a driver in Aarhus, denmark, in december led police to something of a catch.

Tuesday was a 29-year-old man sentenced to a year and nine months ‘ unconditional imprisonment for having been in possession of a larger amount of drugs, as the man would sell.

It writes the east Jutland Police.

the Man’s 26-year-old wife was sentenced to 10 months partially suspended prison sentence for complicity to drug trafficking.

It was the 20. december, a patrol stopped a motorist at Søren Frichs Vej in Aarhus.

the Police sensed that the man was under the influence of marijuana. As they further found a salgstelefon and a smaller amount of skunk in the 29-year-old man’s car, decided the police to search his home in Aarhus V.

police found lots of different drugs.

There were several hundred ecstasypiller and powder, several pounds of pot, cocaine, ketamine, skunk and hashplanter, all of which was seized. In addition, the husband did a homemade skunklaboratorium in his living room.

The 26-year-old wife told police that she did not know the man’s drug trade.

But when the police search her apartment, they found over four pounds of hash and skunk, MDMA, several syringes with hasholie and a narkoregnskab.

In the wife’s car, they found additional several kilos of skunk and hash and cocaine.

the Man and woman have pleaded partially guilty, and both asked for time for reflection, with regard to the appeal of the judgment. The man was still in custody after the pronouncement of the sentence.