couples should not have to pay taxes as cohabiting couples. The Council of States adopted today is Monday a new start to the marriage penalty (see Box). And built in an extra loop. Because the majority of the Canton of representatives, the proposed Reform was unbalanced and would create new injustices.

Consequently sent to the circuit 25 Ständeräte the template back to the Federal Council. To examine new models, such as the Splitting model, which offer different cantons, as well as individual taxation.

CVP in the stupid Rank

The CVP-Ständeräte weibelten in vain, that after 34 years since the tax injustice to Married was officially, finally forward will be made.

The marriage penalty relates to the direct Federal tax. Today, couples in which both partners are working and the household income is higher, more direct Federal control than pay the same income cohabiting couples must. If this disadvantage is more than ten percent, it is called the marriage penalty. The maximum degree of discrimination is 84 percent. He relates to those marriages in which each spouse 75’000 to 125’000 CHF annual income.

Even if the CVP was the Initiative be rejected and the Federal court has declared the vote invalid: The Federal Council wants to abolish the tax discrimination. He suggests that he created in the future, two tax bills: first, the joint assessment as a Married and then the alternative tax burden as a cohabiting couple. Would have to pay the married couples then the deeper contribution. The Federal Council estimates that it will cost that every year, around 1.15 billion francs. The template comes in the autumn session, 2019 in the Council of States. (sf)

The CVP, the rejection brings in a stupid Rank Because by next may, you will have to decide whether it will draw your people’s initiative to abolish the marriage penalty.

as a reminder, The Initiative was 2016 already before the people, but was rejected very scarce. Because the Federal government had submitted the wrong Figures, decided by the Federal court later, that the vote be annulled. And, the Federal Council decided to repeat it.

Controversial Ehedefinition

Although the CVP, the Numbers on their side: According to recent estimates, affects 1.4 million people from the marriage penalty. But the Initiative also includes a more conservative Ehedefinition – in many circles interfere. In the case of a re-vote, the CVP may suffer for shipwreck.

Therefore, the party wants to move the Initiative actually back – made but depends on whether, based on the proposal of the Federal Council, a good solution comes.

In the Ehefalle

This hope you can be buried now. Because, firstly, the national Council also needs to decide whether he wants to reject the package also to the Federal Council. And the government would then, once again, time to make new proposals.

That’s enough to impossible to in may of next year. The CVP sits in the Ehefalle.