Snus is regarded as typically Swedish. Behind On!, the Helsingborg-made oral tobacco, hides a Swiss owner of The brand is part of the Aargauer Burger sons, the parent holding company of the Tobacco company Dannemann.

Five nicotine-Levels

In the United States, the Aargauer for On the margins! now with Altria together: The manufacturer of Malboro and Philip Morris acquires 80 percent of the U.S. business and paid 372 million dollars. The international business with the oral tobacco remains at the Burger company, the man, as it says in the message from Altria.

On! in addition to the USA, also sold in Sweden and Japan as well as worldwide via the online shop. The Swedish Snus is available in seven flavors and five different Strengths of nicotine available. (mbü/”trade newspaper”)

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