Market overview: the suspension of sales

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” Thursday highly liquid securities closed mostly in the red: the uncertainty associated with the spread of the virus 2019-nCoV, remained a factor adversely affecting the demand for the equity markets. Weaker market looked “LUKOIL” (LKOH, and 2.8%): many market participants expect a decrease in the weight of securities of the company in the stock indexes MSCI (later it became known that the weight of LUKOIL in the markets, on the contrary, will be increased). Shares of “Norilsk Nickel” (GMKN) fell 1.6%, Severstal (CHMF) – 1,1%, VTB (VTBR) – by 1.0%.

In the second tier has not developed a unified dynamics of price movements. “Electrozinc” (ELTZ) fell by 15.8%, “NefAZ” (NFAZ) – by 6.0%. Meanwhile, in the pole closed “Seligdar” (SELG, +9,3%), “Beluga” (BELU, +7,8%), “Saratov oil refinery” (KRKN, +4.0 per cent).

US stocks rose 0.3-0.4 percent, futures on US indices are trading slightly above the closing levels recorded on Thursday. European stock indexes closed in the red, according to the Asian is observed a slight increase.

in early trading Today, may be suspended downward correction on the RTS: increased sales due to coronavirus in China would look excessive, especially if to take into account the relatively strong data on US GDP (preliminary estimate of growth for the fourth quarter 2019 – 2.1%, expected up 2.0%) and industrial production in Japan (up 1.3% in December against the expected 0.7 percent). In the foreign exchange market in early trading a possible downward correction in the pair dollar/ruble in the direction of level 63,0.

Anton Startsev, CFA,

leading analyst if “OLMA” Text: Lead.Economy