Mark Forster (37), and his cap. Separated you don’t see both, never without his trademark, the singer appears in the Public.

looks Like the chart-topping without a head covering, is a great mystery.

But the Rapper Sido (39) wanted to put an end to it. In the case of last Wednesday’s broadcast VOX-broadcast “Live from the Forster street” a he mixed in a bet against Forster.

use: hat down!

Forster transformed his Studio into a Live TV-Studio, photo: private

on the occasion of the broadcast was the current Corona-quarantine Situation, the forces are also celebrities in their own four walls. Mark Forster invited to his recording Studio, however, live in TV for the musical Meet and Greet – just via Skype-conference, the guests were switches from home course.

For the VIPs, it was then, to master a variety of tasks. As such, the musician Johannes Oerding (38) was in it and within an hour a Song on the topic of “Bank robbery” texts should be allowed to Forster’s Fans decide to Instagram itself, whether this was successful or not.