Maritime quarantine: for inspection of passengers Diamond Princess Japanese have gone a month and a half

screening of passengers cruise ship Diamond Princess may be delayed. In eight days of quarantine of 3700 passengers and crew members of the Japanese doctors checked only 492 people, that is, 60-70 people a day. When this infected with coronavirus COVID-19 was 174 people. If the test will continue at the same pace, then it will take at least a month and a half, highlights of the program “60 minutes” told a correspondent of RTR in Japan Sergey Mingazov.

Evacuation of new infected with the coronavirus is fairly slow, he said. The Japanese government has done everything to limit journalists ‘ access to this information.

Apparently, the infected passengers transported to hospitals as ordinary patients. And the ambulance in Japan relates to fire management and staffed by qualified doctors.

“the patient is Accepted, the car pulls away and for a long time. Apparently, the doctors call all the hospitals, trying to figure out where you can send sick, — says Sergey Mingazov. — Geography of these hospitals is expanding every day. Now it’s 8 prefectures, some of them located far enough away from Tokyo.”

the Ministry of health of Japan said that the doctors check all passengers, even despite the fact that the terms of the quarantine are not changed.

“If, however, the quarantine will be completed on February 19 and men will go as regular passengers, regular flights on the houses, then the whole idea of isolating the source of contamination and to prevent release of the virus outside of the ship, Russia”, — concluded Sergey Mingazov.

in the meantime, the problems of the passengers and crew of the ship multiplied like a snowball: linen odirile, it does not change to sleep on the ship too cold. With 80% of cruise participants — the elderly, the disabled and those who have chronic diseases. While these categories are most susceptible to infection with coronavirus.

More one hot spot is a cruise liner Westerdam. Sick on Board no. But no country has a week and a half does not give him permission to land. On Board of 1455 passengers and 802 crew members. They were victims of the panic that arose around the coronavirus.