the 95 is already running. Minute. Vaduz is against Grasshoppers with the score 1:2 behind. It smells strongly after the home defeat to Liechtenstein, as a substitute keeps Noah Frick from a good 30 meters with the courage of despair, simply. The Ball flutters on the GC gate, surprised Goalie Mirko Salvi–”, and then actually the bottom right of the goal,” says the 17-Year-old. “With a little luck, though,” he admits. However, is inside. And the Youngster is for the critically-acclaimed man in the Rhine Park.

It is the first mandatory gate at all of the youngest professionals in the family Frick. Papa Mario has in the Principality, also because of his 16 international goals – legends-Status, made a career in the Serie A and the Super League. While daughter Alessia Giovanna (11) has less to do with football on the hat, put the sons Yanik (21/Rapperswil-Jona), and Noah on this card.

critics to Silence

brought to create The breakthrough, if you will always be compared with the famous father? Not an easy one. The white also Mario Frick, who is now training in Vaduz, his younger son. The match against GC would do Noah tremendously well: “He has a heavy Stand here, in the environment. Because there are many voices that say that he would only play because I’m his father. But this is nonsense. I am glad that he showed it all – and even rewarded.” And the son of man himself says: “I hope that this gate was only the beginning, and I can help the team in the coming Games.”

Papa Mario’s praises, Noah was very far – both physically and mentally. “When I brought him last in the Europa Leauge qualification in Frankfurt, he played the totally unaware whether this backdrop.” And for up-and-coming Talent, experiences success, such as the goal against GC does not pick up, not only his father and Trainer, but also mom Isabelle, the mental trainer is. “She has Noah good handle on,” says Mario Frick with a grin.